RA entitled “An Act Authorizing the Issuance of Free Patents to The A O on the IRR was also approved last May 5 by DENR Sec. The IRR of RA , which Ramos approved last May 5, sets the procedure in the speedy processing and issuance of free patents on. IRR of RA See more of Support to RA (Residential Free Patent Act) Implementation on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of.


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  • Dura Lex Sed Lex ( The law is harsh, but it is the law)

Copy of approved plan based on an actual survey conducted by a licensed geodetic engineer or copy of cadastral map showing the parcel of land applied for.

For purposes of securing the ra 10023 irr of a survey, the application number is ra 10023 irr necessary. Copy of technical description of the parcel of land subject of the application.

Simplified sketch of the land parcel showing the adjacent lots, corners and natural or manmade features ra 10023 irr define the boundaries of the land.

Affidavit of two 2 disinterested persons residing in the barangay of the city or municipality where the land is located, attesting to the truth of the facts contained in the application to the effect that the applicant thereof has, either by himself or through his predecessor-in-interest, actually resided on and continuously possessed and occupied, under a bona fide claim of acquisition of ownership, the subject land for at least ten 10 years 5.

Free Patent Act (RA ) Implementing Rules and Regulations -

For isolated applications, a certification from the Regional Trial Court that there is no pending land registration case involving tile land parcel being applied for. This may also include on-site acceptance of accomplished applications by ra 10023 irr CENRO or any of his authorized representatives.


The CENRO may also authorize any public office to accept applications and to prepare applications and documents for processing.

A preliminary assessment of compliance with the qualifications and documentary requirements based on the checklist may be made before acceptance of the application and the commencement of the day period.

The CENRO is ra 10023 irr to process the application, including the publication thereof, within a non-extendible period of one hundred twenty days from the date of filing of the accomplished ra 10023 irr.


The day period starts the moment that an accomplished application leaves the hands ra 10023 irr the applicant and is turned over to the CENRO or any authorized representative thereof.

The period for verification with the records e. The period for approval of surveys is not included in the day period. The CENRO may provide for acceptance and processing of applications by batch by date or by geography to comply with the day processing period. Should the CENRO determine that the application is incomplete in requirements, she or he shall reject the application without prejudice to re filing.

The investigator shall conduct an ocular inspection on the pared of land applied for and shall determine the qualifications of the applicant as well as ra 10023 irr the claims of the applicant on the land.

The land investigator is ra 10023 irr to subscribe proofs, affidavits and oaths of any kind required or necessary in connection with the application for residential free patent.

Some vendors voluntarily demolished their own structures.


Under the new regulation being implemented by the city, the stall owners ra 10023 irr be allowed to vend using their own tables, which should be limited to 3 X 6 foot in size. Moreover, the stalls should observe a one-meter space from the market.

We encountered this problem in the municipality of Talisay when we applied for special patent. Jefrie Sahagin of the Provincial Government of Ra 10023 irr, the lack of standard rules and requirements produces delays in the titling process, which also hinders the capacity of the LGUs to identify their properties.

Using LGU properties, we can loan additional resources for our projects and programs, instead ra 10023 irr being just dependent in IRA translated from Filipino. In the absence of a title, tax declaration coupled by actual possession and existence of improvement also substantiate claim for ownership.

Free Patent Act (RA 10023) Implementing Rules and Regulations

However, possession and ownership are two different things. Possession ra 10023 irr actual and exclusive control of property by physical occupation and this could be in good faith or in bad faith.

On the other ra 10023 irr, ownership implies the legal right of possession, control and enjoyment by the owner who has established evidence that he owns the property. This is where the problems of the LGUs arise, wherein some of their properties that were acquired or donated lack the necessary evidentiary documents to support their acquisition.

Urban issues/Land disputes/Demolition - Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya North Luzon

In some cases, LGUs have already developed the area, however, the property is still untitled. This is the case of Pampanga wherein a parcel of land ra 10023 irr was donated to them did not have a proper title. Now that they are trying to use the property to build a hospital, the heirs of the donor are claiming the property back.

Similar to this case, a parcel of land was donated to the provincial government of Marinduque in the s, however, ra 10023 irr descendants of the donors are claiming back the property. There are also cases wherein the LGUs have current possession of the property, however, the land titles are declared under a different owner.