Having your students build models or use other hands-on techniques to show what they have learned is a good activity for what multiple. Multiple Intelligence is an idea that simply states that human beings have many different ways to learn and process information. Having your students build models or use other hands-on techniques to show what they have learned is a good activity for what multiple.


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Many young people and older people too.

multiple intelligences quiz The spectrum of human capability, and the potential to be valued and productive in life, are much broader than this, which are central aspects of multiple intelligence theory.

Encouraging people to think beyond traditional academic measures of value and talent is a vital early step to enabling better self-esteem and bigger personal belief, confidence and aspiration.

Multiple Intelligence

Is this test scientifically validated or normed?. This free Multiple Intelligences testing instrument has not been scientifically validated or normed.


If your research or study requires the use of a scientifically multiple intelligences quiz instrument then this instrument may not be suitable for your work. This instrument is a simple directly reflective assessment tool which works in a single dimension.

Multiple Intelligences Quiz - alis

That is, the results are produced directly from the inputs the scored answers to the statement questions. There are no complex computations or correlations or scaling. As such it less prone to distortion or confusion than a more complicated testing methodology might be, especially one involving convoluted formulae or scales on several dimensions.

The instrument in its various versions has been downloaded and used tens of thousands of times by teachers, trainers, managers, academics, and researchers all around the world sinceand to my knowledge has not generated any complaint or criticism about its reliability and suitability for purpose.

Additionally, this webpage featuring the instrument download links has been highly ranked top five or so in Google's listings multiple intelligences quiz keywords such as 'multiple intelligence tests' for several years and remains so, with zero advertising and promotion, which is perhaps a virtual validation of sorts.

That said, I repeat, the instrument has not been scientifically validated, and where you are definitely required to use an instrument that has been scientifically validated or normed, then this free tool is probably not the right one for you.

Gardner's multiple intelligences - principles and interpretation Howard Gardner asserts certain principles relating to his multiple intelligence theory, which are explained and interpreted here, along with implications and examples: The types of intelligence that a person possesses Gardner suggests most of us are strong in three types indicates not only a persons capabilities, but also the manner or method in which they prefer to learn and develop their strengths - and also to develop their weaknesses.

A person who is strong musically and weak numerically will be more likely to develop numerical and logical skills through music, and not by being bombarded by numbers alone. A person who is weak spatially and strong numerically, will be more likely to develop spatial ability if it is explained and developed by using numbers and logic, and not by asking them to pack a suitcase in front of an audience.

A person who is weak bodily and physically and strong numerically might best be encouraged to increase their physical activity by encouraging them to learn about the mathematical and scientific relationships between exercise, diet and health, rather than forcing them to box or play rugby.

The pressure of possible multiple intelligences quiz and being forced to act and think unnaturally, have a significant negative influence on learning effectiveness. Multiple intelligences quiz relaxed people learn more readily than unhappy stressful people.

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A person's strength is also a learning channel. A person's weakness is not a great learning channel. When you add multiple intelligences quiz what we know about personal belief and confidence it all begins to make even more sense. Develop people through their strengths and we not only stimulate their development - we also make them happy because everyone enjoys working in their strength areas - and we also grow their confidence and lift their belief because they see they are doing well, and they get told they are doing well too.

Developing a person's strengths will increase their response to the learning experience, which helps them to develop their weaknesses as well as their strengths. I enjoy learning new words and do so easily.

I have wide and varied musical interests including both classical and contemporary.

I do not get lost easily and can orient myself with either maps or landmarks. I feel really good about being physically fit.