Therefore, the most promising development in solar desalination to enhance productivity efficiency is the use of the humidification and dehumidification principle. ABSTRACT. Solar humidification-dehumidification desalination technology has been reviewed in detail in this paper. This review would also. The solar humidification–dehumidification method (HDH) is a thermal water desalination method. It is based on evaporation of sea water or brackish water and.


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Variation of GOR with HCRd These trends can best be explained by looking at the distribution of entropy generation along the length of the components, as was done by Thiel et al.

Varying humidification dehumidification mass flow rate ratio through multi-staging: The benefits of having a balanced system can be extended by operating the system under multiple mass flow rate ratios, or multiple stages.

These benefits were shown by McGovern et al. Schematic diagram representing a water-heated, closed-air, open-water HDH system with a single air extraction. Although fixed-effectiveness or fixed-pinch modeling is useful in understanding the benefits of multi-staging, these benefits can only be isolated and quantified when a fixed area is used.

In addition, the effect humidification dehumidification a single extraction on a system of fixed size was experimentally studied by Narayan et al. Temperature-enthalpy diagram of a two-stage HDH system. In a bubble column dehumidifier, condensation occurs at the surface of air bubbles rather than an expensive metal surface.

Tow and Lienhard [11] developed a model for a bubble column dehumidifier and humidification dehumidification it with experimental data. They also developed a correlation for the heat transfer coefficient of a cylinder submerged in a shallow bubble column [12].

Schematic drawing of a bubble column dehumidifier.


Narayan and Lienhard have prepared a book chapter which introduces humidification-dehumidification desalination [13]. Rivers are often no longer able to provide the volumes of purified water needed with the increasing impact of pests humidification dehumidification diseases.

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With the introduction of powerful pumping from deep underground and piping across long distancesgroundwater aquifers are increasingly being depleted well beyond sustainable recovery levels; this also has lead in many cases to brackish water with high concentrations of dangerous minerals and resulting in health problems as well.

Desalination has become a major new source of fresh water, tapping into the vast reserves of seawater and brackish water. It is especially useful where humidification dehumidification conservation and water re-use either have limited potential or face major problems of implementation [ 1 ].

Desalination processes Desalination of seawater or brackish water is generally performed by either of two main processes; by evaporation of water or by use of a membrane to separate fresh water from a concentrate. In the phasechange or thermal processes, the distillation of seawater is achieved by utilizing a thermal energy source.

Water Desalination using Solar Energy: Humidification and Dehumidification Principle

The thermal energy source might be obtained from a conventional fossil-fuel, nuclear, or from a renewable resource, like humidification dehumidification energy or geothermal energy. In the membrane processes, electricity is used either for driving high pressure pumps or for establishing electric fields to separate the ions.


The most important commercial desalination processes based on thermal energy are multistage flash MSF distillation, multiple effect distillation MED and vapor compression VCin which compression may be accomplished thermally TVC or mechanically MVC [ 2 ]. Fortunately, there are many parts of the humidification dehumidification that have exploitable renewable sources of energy that could be used to drive desalination processes.

HDH Desalination

Thus, desalination processes humidification dehumidification using solar radiation; solar desalination processes are promising alternatives that can partially support human needs for fresh water, using an environmentally friendly energy source.

This would be especially important for tribes or small groups inhabiting remote areas. Solar desalination requires an efficient method of evaporation and condensation at relatively low temperatures.

Therefore, the most promising development in solar desalination to enhance productivity efficiency is the use of the humidification and dehumidification principle.

HDH Desalination | Lienhard Research Group

Combining the principle of humidification-dehumidification with solar desalination appears to be the best method of water desalination humidification dehumidification solar energy. Hence, solar desalination offers is considered to be an ecological solution that uses renewable energy efficiently.

Humidification dehumidification principle The Humidification Dehumidification HDH process is humidification dehumidification to the natural hydrological process where the sun heats the ocean, and then the water in the ocean evaporates to form clouds.