Super Teacher Grade Book. Subject / Period: # Name. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. These printable classroom forms for teachers will help you organize class materials, monitor student behavior, and share info with substitutes. Here's a terrific gradebook template designed specially for elementary classroom teachers. Download the gradebook and open it up on Microsoft Excel or.


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Best Free Excel Gradebook Templates for Teachers

For example, you might want to include a comment about why a particular assignment was excused for a student. Dropping Gradebook templates for teachers Grades - If your policy is to take the best of 3 exam grades, then this can be handled easily by changing the lowest exam grade to an "E" for "excused".

You should probably add a comment so you can keep a record of the actual score earned on that exam. Guideline for Failing Grades: Final Adjustments to the Grading Scale At the end of the course, the teacher usually looks at the grades for the entire class and might make adjustments gradebook templates for teachers the grading scale depending on the class average and distribution of grades.


Adjustments are normally only made to raise low grades. Lowering higher grades just makes students angry.

Best Free Excel Grade Tracking Workbooks For Teachers

The histogram of grades and class average come in handy at this point. When making adjustments, it is vital to remember to make the grades Fair and Defendable gradebook templates for teachers meaning that you gradebook templates for teachers the teacher can defend the grades you give when hounded by students, parents, the department head, or the school board.

Instead of or in addition to making adjustments to the grading scale, you can use the Curve field in the Gradebook worksheet to increase all the final grades by a certain percentage.

If you are aiming for a target class average, you can use goal seek to set the Mean percentage to the target value by changing the curve percentage. The curve field is not included in the GPA-based spreadsheet.

30 Free Gradebook Templates

If a student's overall percentage was To be fair, the teacher might want to shift all minimums down 0. You can determine the minimum score for an A- by calculating the 85th Percentile and then shift the grading scale.

Assigning Final Letter Grades The assignment of gradebook templates for teachers final letter grade in the Gradebook worksheet is done automatically based on the grading scale defined in the Grades worksheet. For the formulas to work correctly, the Grading Scale must be ordered from lowest to highest.

gradebook templates for teachers

30 Free Gradebook Templates - Template Archive

Grading on a Gradebook templates for teachers These gradebooks are not designed to automatically grade on a curve. However, what I have described above in "final adjustments to grading scale" is one method for adjusting grades based on a curve.

A common approach to grading on a curve is to first order all the final grades from highest to lowest.

  • Free Gradebook Template
  • Gradebook Template : Point System

These percentages represent a symmetric bell curve for the ABCDF grading system with a C average, but the values will depend on how gradebook templates for teachers A's you are allowed to assign and whether or not the distribution is symmetric.

For example, if you can give 10 A's, do you really want to give 10 F's? The bins for each grade will be different widths.

Gradebook Template for Excel - Free Teacher Grade Book

For example, in a point scoring system, the A's may span from 80 towhile the B's might be 77 to An alternative to ordering the grades something that the gradebook template doesn't do for you is to determine the cutoff gradebook templates for teachers by calculating percentiles and altering the grading scale accordingly.

A Percentile is defined as a value below which a certain percent of values fall.

I have built these formulas into grading scale table in the template.